Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Pyramids, the Sphynx, and Vendors, Oh My!

Hello! Busy Day!!

We headed to Memphis early this sunny morning to visit the ancient capital of Egypt. There, we saw many monuments, including an alabaster sphinx for the only woman pharaoh, Queen Hatshepsut. There was also a large detailed statue of Ramses II that was magnificent. From there, we headed to Sakkara to the Steppe Pyramid designed by Imenhotep. Also in Sakkara we visited the El Sultan Carpet Making School and saw one of Egypt's most beloved and oldest traditions. A master carpetmaker was still hard at work at the age of 70! We had lunch at an authentic Egyptian restaurant Felfela. They served a variety of dishes including pigeon, fava beans, and felafel (although some hesitant eaters stuck to chicken...which was delicious). From there, we headed to the Great Pyramids at Giza!

At the first Great Pyramid, we were permitted to climb up a ways on the superstructure on the pyramid getting a great view of the city below. Many of us headed inside the second great pyramid, descending at a 45degree angle in a stifling hot chamber that was merely 3 feet fun. We then ventured to the Solar Boat, discovered 25 years ago and was only recently put on display. From there, we went to the beloved sphinx! Only for short time however, but still a great photo seen here. Most of us finished the day atop a camel for a ride with the locals around the neighborhood of Giza. Although the sites were fantastic and wonderful to see, it was impossible to walk without being intercepted by vendors! We eventually learned just to walk away!!! We were back to the hotel by 5 where some went swimming and we all met up for dinner.

Tomorrow Alexandria!!

Nicole and Sarah


  1. Great Pic! Keep them coming! Have fun!

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