Monday, April 27, 2009

Alexandria and Luxor...the past two days!

Hello dedicated readers! Yesterday, we ventured to the wonderfully historical city of Alexandria. After a two hour drive, we arrived in the Greek built city around 10:30 am. We proceeded to the ancient catacombs, where we toured the burial chambers of the citizens of Alexandria. We saw tombs and many Greek influenced Egyptian designs. Next, we explored the Roman AmpiTheatre, which was like walking through the pages of history. We climbs around the old site before heading to the Library of Alexandria, which is one of the world's most renowned libraries in the world. From there, we dined at a famous seafood restaurant on the Mediterranean named San Giovanni's. Most of the group enjoyed their specialty seafood rice, while others stayed away from that and ate delicious chicken. Thuthmosis III introduced chicken to Egypt. We headed back to the hotel for our last night in Cairo.

Today, we were up at 5:00 am, and headed the the airport to fly to Luxor. The flight was very quick and we soon arrived at the Temple of Luxor, which was astounding in height and history. We checked into our cruise ship, which is fabulous, and enjoyed some down time on the liddo deck. In the afternoon, we journeyed to Karnak, and visited Amun's Temple. It was soooo huge, that it took us two hours to tour the structure with the aid of our trusty tour director Amr Osman. A visit to the Papyrus Museum ended our first day in Luxor.

Tomorrow we set sail and venture to the Valley of Kings! Will keep you all updated!

Sarah and Nicole


  1. This is such a wonderful experience for all of you! Enjoy every safe and have a wonderful time!

  2. Christie,
    I'm very very proud of you and hope you are having a wonderful time!!

  3. Awesome Friend Number 5April 29, 2009 at 9:31 AM

    since you keep describing the food you guys are eating, let me share with you that they had banana fingers the other day for lunch. jealous?

  4. Christie,
    So many followers! Have fun.

  5. 'Cole, you guys look like you're having an awesome time! Like mom said, be safe and have fun... thinking of you. -Uncle John P.S. don't forget my sand ;^) ;^) ;^) mwuahxoxo


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